What is the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants?

Antiperspirants and deodorants are two different things – the basic difference between them is that antiperspirants prevent you from sweating while deodorants eliminate the odor produced when you sweat.


Why should I make the switch to natural deodorants?

Because commercial deodorants and antiperspirants contain a ton of chemical yuckies that are absorbed into your body. These include aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, triclosan, and artificial fragrances.


Will this deodorant stop me from sweating?

No, this is not an antiperspirant. Our body is designed to sweat to help regulate body temperature and to get rid of toxins. Antiperspirants contain aluminum which deposit into your pores, clogging them, and thus preventing sweat and toxins from leaving your body. Aluminum is a neurotoxin that is also considered a “cumulative chemical agent” which means that it accumulates in the body and its effects build up over time. And aluminum has been linked to some very scary things such as Alzheimer’s, DNA damage, breast cancer, and prostate cancer!


Does it work? How long does it last?

I’ve tested this on friends, family, and kind gym buddies brave enough to ditch the chemical stuff after I talked their ears off about the dangers of all the chemicals they were rubbing onto their skin daily. I have used it for boot camp classes, high intensity zumba, a 2 hour spin-a-thon, a full day hike in the middle of summer, and an overnight camping trip (it lasted 48 hours without reapplication!).


Does it sting/hurt when applied?

This was developed with sensitive skin in mind and we are happy to report that this can be applied on sensitive, recently shaven, even broken skin without causing any irritation. It contains magnesium, rose water, witch hazel, Himalayan pink salt, and essential oils. These ingredients work together to neutralize odor and are actually good for your body when absorbed!


Is it scented?

The unscented version does not have a smell. The scented versions use essential oils which are very potent and lend powerful benefits. It is added for slight scent but not enough to linger and compete with your perfume, cologne, lotion, cream, or moisturizer. The essential oils we use have incredible antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, and antiseptic properties.


Will it stain or bleach my clothes?

No, this does not contain any oils such as coconut oil which is prone to staining clothing. Once dry, there will be no transfer of product to clothing.

Is it safe?

Yes, this deodorant is formulated without any chemicals and these ingredients work together to neutralize odor and are actually good for your body when absorbed!

What is the kid’s version?

Your young child may need help masking odors but there is no need for any harsh, nasty chemicals that interfere with normal development and body functions. We hope this gentle, natural option will help parents stop worrying about putting nasty ingredients on their children’s delicate skin.

Specially formulated for young, sensitive skin, this all all-natural deodorant will leave your underarms fresh throughout the day, safely and comfortably without the use of any harmful chemicals, metals, or baking soda that can irritate the skin. Also, no artificial fragrance or coloring and contains no aluminum, making it a great option for those with alloy allergies.



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