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A few years ago, I decided to commit to a more natural lifestyle by cleaning up both my diet and skin care products. I was proud to clean out my pantry and toss away body care products with harsh ingredients but much less willing to compromise on the matter of body odor. I shied away from natural deodorants and avoided making any changes due to fear of sweaty, smelly armpits but after educating myself on the harmful ingredients in conventional deodorants, I started experimenting with more natural alternatives.

Truthfully, my initial experimentation with natural deodorants was not pleasant. My bathroom cupboard now houses a small display of partially used natural deodorants because they just didn’t work. I have super sensitive skin and most of the natural deodorants I tried made me break out in a rash. Since I was told that my skin would adjust, I stuck it out for a few weeks but I quickly realized that it was the baking soda used for odor control that was irritating my skin. I did manage to find a brand that I loved that offered a “sensitive” formula which used less baking soda but this only “worked” for a week before the discomfort came back, along with some slight discoloration / pigmentation.

At this point, I was ready to go back to conventional deodorant but a friend suggested making my own deodorant. I knew I would want a convenient, quick dry option that wasn’t oil based, didn’t contain baking soda, and most importantly, effective.

After some experimentation and getting feedback from friends and family, I’ve come up with a formula that meets all my requirements. It’s convenient, simple, and lasted me through high intensity zumba, boot camp, and spin classes. I am very happy to have found a solution that allows for happy and non-smelly armpits and I hope you give it a try!

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Contact: happiestbalance@gmail.com