lavender honey skin salve

I love using food as part of my skincare routine – it’s safe, it’s non-toxic, it’s free of chemicals and preservatives, it’s readily available in your kitchen, and it’s often cheaper. One of my favorite multi functional items is HONEY! Besides tasting delicious on just about anything, it’s awesome for skin as well. I often […]

“better than botox” diy face mask

I have an obsession with face masks – specifically face masks that utilize food (because your skin is your biggest organ and whatever you put on it gets absorbed into your body!). It’s so satisfying to create something nourishing for your skin from simple ingredients found in the kitchen. There are tons of DIY recipes […]

why commercial antiperspirants and deodorants stink

We all sweat and sometimes the sweat leads to undesirable odors. The two common options to counteract this odor are deodorants and antiperspirants.   Antiperspirants and deodorants are two different things – the basic difference between them is that antiperspirants prevent you from sweating while deodorants eliminate the odor produced when you sweat. Our body […]